about contact

Q: What does Jen charge?

A: Her base rate is $1,800 plus travel and hotel. While she's on campus, she will visit a classroom or club at no extra charge. Jennifer is happy to help provide information to assist with proposals for grants to help bring her to campus.

For book festivals, libraries, and the like, please contact us and we'll see what we can do. If you're in NYC, Jennifer is also pretty flexible.

Q: Who's "us"? Does Jen use an agent?

A: Jen's invaluable assistant Haley handles logistics. Contact her at haley <at> popintellectual.com.

Q: Jen will speak to a class of students? About what?

A: Most commonly, "Designing Your Own Career in Tough Times," or "Using Your College Skills to Succeed After College." For a better idea of Jen's take on careers, productivity, and success, see her other website, GetBullish.com

Q: Will Jen do a spelling bee on campus?

A: Yes. See SpellingforAdults.com. With her co-host Bobby, Jen provides fun, witty, and genuinely challenging spelling bees for adults.

Q: I saw you in B*tch Magazine!

A: We are big supporters of feminist publishing!

Q: Are Jen's shows "clean"?

A: We think the f-word can be really funny when you're not expecting it, such as in an otherwise extremely academic sentence. The philosophy show uses the word "vagina" in the context of discussing egg donation (that's one of the answers to "what philosophy majors do after college," and Jennifer's story about it is pretty hilarious). That's not a dirty word. The punctuation show contains the word "humping." The History of Women mentions Catherine the Great's propensity for horses. So, we think the shows are pretty clean for a college audience. And certainly way, way "cleaner" than most college comedy shows.

Q: Will Jen perform at our elementary school?

A: The philosophy show is WAY over kids' heads. We wish the punctuation show actually taught children how to use the rules of punctuation, but it doesn't -- it is a show intended for people who already know the basic rules of punctuation, so we can go on to discussing the more interesting backstory and quirks of the modern slate of punctuation marks. The History of Women in 60 Minutes might be adaptable, depending on the age group. But mostly, these shows are for college students and adults.

Q: Extra credit? What the heck?

A: Jen was pretty surprised to arrive on campus at one of her early gigs and discover that students were receiving extra credit for attending her show. Extra credit! Everyone loves extra credit! Now Jen IS extra credit! So, she ran with the idea. If you want to offer students in your class or on your campus extra credit for attending, Jen will provide a worksheet that anyone who was paying attention should be able to complete. Run off copies or email it to students, and awarding that extra credit is easy.