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From Eve to Oprah, from Cleopatra to Sarah Palin — with Harriet Tubman and Virginia Woolf in between — women’s history gets the mile-a-minute treatment from educational humorist Jennifer Dziura. 

It's amazing what women have managed to accomplish, considering how many of us died in childbirth or were burned at the stake (sometimes at the same time!)

The highlight of the show is "Feminist Fantasy Minute," in which Jen retells history is at would have been if the United States had had, for instance, "Founding Parents" instead of "Founding Fathers," or if the Salem Witch Trials had ended with religious pluralism and grants for women in the sciences.

This show is perfect for Women's History Month. It's socially conscious, but also funny. It runs about 60 minutes, and can be adapted to a shorter timeframe if needed.

Like all of Jen's shows, this show requires a stage, microphone, projector, screen, and lectern.

If this is for a college or university, Jennifer can provide a pre-show worksheet that students can discuss in class, and/or a simple post-show quiz that professors can use to award extra credit for attending the show.

"We were all so excited to have Jen on campus, and she certainly didn't disappoint. 'The History of Women in 60 Minutes' was witty, engaging, and incredibly funny. We loved having Jen at Yale!"
- Shikha Garg '15, Yale Women's Leadership Initiative

"Jennifer delivers a compressed shot of educated, irreverent humor, that touches on everything from Abigail Adams to Wonder Woman's sidekick to what it means to be made from Adam's rib. It's an experience not unlike being force fed whole grain Twinkies via a beer bong. Delightful, even with the hangover the next day"
- Alex Marshall, journalist and author of The Surprising Design of Market Economies (Texas 2012)

Yale University for Women's History Month 2013 Yale University for Women's History Month 2013


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