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Philosophy Show

“What Philosophy Majors Do After College” is comedian Jennifer Dziura’s one-woman show of hilarity and the greats of Western thought. 

After graduating from Dartmouth with a degree in philosophy, Jennifer held job titles including office drone, nude art model, egg donor, subject of medical studies, and finally, comedian. 

The show includes a humorous overview of the work of nearly twenty philosophers, from Thales to Foucault, accompanied by an aptly collegiate slideshow.

It runs one hour fifteen minutes, and is available for booking at colleges and other venues. The show has been performed at the Dartmouth College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, had its New York debut at Ars Nova and later played at The Peoples Improv Theater, and has been performed at the Sachem Public Library in Long Island as well as at the Women in Comedy Festival and Boston's Geek Week Comedy Festival.

Like all of Jen's shows, this show requires a stage, microphone, projector, screen, and lectern.

If this is for a college or university, Jennifer can provide a pre-show worksheet that students can discuss in class, and/or a simple post-show quiz that professors can use to award extra credit for attending the show.

"Fans of Dziura’s popular live quiz shows could enjoy her trademark wit and enthusiasm for epistemology. Through the teachings of over a dozen famous philosophers (whose ponderings were illustrated via slides of pop culture icons), Dziura shared the key stages of her life that define her today…. Dziura’s topic is relatable to most floundering twenty-somethings, especially those of us who decided not to be brokers. Her show has substance, heart, and rapid-fire laughs. It’s a gripping college lecture without a windbag professor."
 – Abbi Crutchfield for The Apiary


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